Pixel & theory is a technology innovation house leveraging cross disciplines and high standards in building compelling games and applications.
Our regional office - Amman, Jordan - is expanding its creative team to tackle ambitious unique projects and take them to the next level.
Harboring a multi-disciplinary and highly-collaborative work environment, Pixel and Theory welcomes innovation, alternative thought, and solution oriented design. If you are a creative self-driven individual, organized and methodical, and a team player, please send your CV, Portfolio and contact info to:

Current Openings:
Project Management
Graphic Design

Project Management

Our Project Management team works closely with our software engineers to drive projects from conception to launch by bridging the technical and business worlds. As a member of the team, you design technologies with creative engineers and then zoom out to lead the entire project development process.

Are you a driven individual ready to define and lead the future of web applications, mobile applications, and mobile gaming?
Do you derive pleasure from researching the latest technologies and trends to build insightful platform features and experiences?
Do you have a bias for innovation and transformational projects?
Do you have a passion for creating immersive user experiences?
Do you have a strong technical background and enjoy doing hands on technical work when needed?

As a Project Manager, you can join Pixel and Theory's innovation movement.

  • Defining project vision and strategy.
  • Working with multiple stakeholders across projects to align teams around the project definition.
  • Work with the team to conceptualize, prototype, continually iterate, balance and tune features based on feedback.
  • Design, prototyping, and iteration of gameplay mechanics.
  • Planning and charting UX design and UI flows.
  • Outlining content and copywriting needs.
  • Cross-disciplinary team coordination.
  • Breaking down complex projects into phases, and tasks.
  • Project and task planning, prioritization, and scheduling.
  • Progress tracking and making sure deadlines are met.
  • Partnering closely with the engineering team to determine the most efficient technical implementation methods and problem solving techniques.
  • Drafting, maintaining, and reviewing internal design documents including feature specifications and implementation guides.
  • Researching and analyzing data to optimize experiences.

To apply for this position, please send your CV and contact info to:


Graphic Design

Graphic design is a vision. A passion. And our vision is one of innovation.

Our Graphic Design team is driven by passion for creative problem solving, and an interdisciplinary sensibility toward graphic, product and digital media design. As part of the team, you should be able to openly express views and opinions and to contribute to larger discussions in order to come up with impactful visual designs and build top-notch revolutionary mobile, web and tablet experiences.

Do you believe that design is a powerful component of cultural and global change?
Are you passionate about creating innovative and inspirational designs?
Do you have an eye for detail?
Are you as comfortable with a pencil in your hand as you are on a Mac?
Is your portfolio jam-packed with great concept work?
Do you posses a good balance of relevant design philosophy and essential technical skills?

As a Graphic Designer, you can be part of Pixel and Theory's design revolution.

  • Designing web and mobile interfaces, navigation, and layouts.
  • User interface and user experience design including flow-charts, storyboards, wireframes, mockups, and prototypes.
  • Creating innovative designs pertaining to corporate branding and identity.
  • Maintaining, updating and respecting, brand guidelines.
  • Producing layouts and designs for print collateral.
  • Editorial and typographic work.
  • Researching and employing innovative design techniques.

To apply for this position, please send your CV and contact info to: